Saturday, October 18, 2008

Praying for A Difference

About a month ago, I told my boss that I desperately needed to change to a part-time status and no longer work on Saturdays. Surprisingly, he approved with no hesitation saying just give them time to do what they needed to do as far as hiring another full-timer first. I didn't think it would ever happen. But today, he gave me the go ahead to begin my new schedule. I am so excited! I need this badly. I am praying that having the extra time at home will help me not to feel so overwhelmed and stretched so thin. I hope it will help me to remember that my children are a blessing from the Lord rather than something to be tolerated. I yearn for more joy in this stage of my life because right now it feels more like a burden or a curse. I know that is wrong, but it is honest. I know this is a step in the right direction, even though it does leave me wondering how we will survive as it is tight with me working full-time now. But, I know that God is faithful. Also, I know that the time we have together as a family is needed, even at the cost of less income. I cannot wait for next Saturday when I get to be off from work!

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Diane Chandler said...

Praise the Lord! I am so thankful for you! I know this has been in your heart for quite some time now. I am so thankful the Lord has opened the door for you. I know the Lord will supply your need. We love you guys so much! Lookin forward to Christmas!

Aunt Di