Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Just checking in. We are super cold here in North Central Iowa. It is something like -39 with the windchill right now. YUCK! Today is the start of the 100 Day Live Healthy Iowa Challenge, I logged 14 activity minutes for shoveling snow. So I suppose, I can be thankful for the snow. LOL! As far as the challenge goes, I started monitoring what I was eating on the 10th as a step towards living healthy. I am happy to say, that though I have gone over my 1200 calorie alotment every day, I am getting better. I hope to see some really great results from this. Now I just have to get my rear in gear and get on a frequent exercise routine. Meanwhile, I am trying to be more active in my day. Take the stairs more often, go the long way, park in the back of the lot. All things that are hard to do in this cold, mind you. Thanks all for your support and encouragement. I appreciate it!


Amy said...

Hey, Dewayne is in MN right now and said he has never been so cold!!

Diane said...

Hey! I've been keeping up on my weather widget. Gosh, you guys are in the deep freeze!!! Cuddle up and stay warm; Brian might even get his wish with all this cold weather!!!!!! ;)

The Eppers said...

Amy, I feel for Dewayne, if you aren't used to this weather, it is even more TERRIBLE! Aunt Di, you are too funny!