Monday, January 5, 2009


With twenty minutes left on my library computer timer, I will give a quick update for all. We had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year (definitely much better than the start to last year lol). It was so wonderful to be able to visit family in Tennessee. The sad part was leaving. The weather alone makes us miss it, plus all of those fabulous people there we call relatives! I wish I had pictures to post, but sadly, I do not. I am technology challenged these days as both the PC and the laptop have crashed and our digital camera is still missing. Not sure what is going on with us and tech. I have so many thoughts on the New Year and resolutions but not sure I will have time to list them all. Also, I don't have my Bible with me here and I had some verses to share. So, I will just have to give you the references. I know it is the 5th so this is a little late coming but please extend me grace as I have explained my situation already. ;) Of course I, like many others want to make that resolution to lose weight stick this year, but I have decided not to make that resolution this year because I have others that are more important. Psalm 17:3 says ".....I have RESOLVED that my mouth will not sin." this is a resolution I want to explore. I know it is not impossible to be free from sin, though it is difficult. But I want to make a conscious effort to walk in the freedom of Christ to "go and sin no more". This would be a diffucult journey for anyone, but especially for me, the chief of sinners. But as I begin to ponder these things, the Lord in his great mercy and wisdom, provides me with Proverbs 16:3 which roughly states that committing your plans to the Lord will bring success. But for those of us that are hard headed and could take that verse very much out of context, there is Isaiah 55 (forgive me, I do not remember the exact verses at the moment) which explains to us that the plans we are committing must be from the Lord as my thoughts are not his thoughts and my ways are not his ways. So this year, my resolution will be to walk away from sin. Guess what, gluttony is a sin, so perhaps I will lose some weight after all! Happy New Year everyone. Think about what 2009 can hold for growing his Kingdom!

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