Saturday, November 29, 2008

It is good to feel better

We had a lovely Thanksgiving in the Eppers house. It was certainly not fiasco free, but it was lovely! We had a turkey that was still frozen despite our best efforts to thaw it properly. So that delayed our lunch to dinner. But, that was ok because we took the kiddos to see the movie Bolt. By the way, it was awesome! So, we get back home, rest for a bit, then begin preparing our other dishes. The bag for the turkey bursts open, spills the marvelous juices all out in the bottom of the oven (actually, this happened before we even left for the movie). No big deal, a little stinky, but the oven was on low enough, what with the frozen turkey and all, that it didn't matter. However, when you have to turn the temperature up, a fire may occur. Did I say may? Let me change that to definitely. Yes, we had fire in the oven while we were making the cornbread for the dressing (some of you may know that as stuffing). Thankfully, I am a good southern girl and I make my cornbread in a cast iron skillet, so the fire couldn't really get past it. Anyway, my fabulous husband put the fire out by throwing water on it, which I thought would not work b/c I thought it was a grease fire and water isn't supposed to work on those, right? I thought it was salt or baking soda. Anyway, finally, around 5 or 5:30, we were able to enjoy turkey, dressing, sweet potatos, green beans, corn, gravy, rolls, pumpkin bread, it was delicious, what I could stand to eat. I wasn't feeling too great so I couldn't even finish my plate. Later that night, I was thankful I didn't because I had such a stomach ache I couldn't sleep. Finally, at like 2:45 am I got up to head to the restroom and ended up puking my guts out. Then I was awake still with terribly tummy ache until around 7 when I finally got to sleep. Brian took the kiddos out shopping and ice skating that morning so the house was quiet and I could rest. God love him! What a blessing he is! Anyway, it is so good to feel better now. I will post some pics from Brian's phone. I hope everyone had a great day of Thanksgiving!

Thankful Daddy and kiddos

Ahhh...we are so thankful to have made it
through the cooking process without getting

Again, could I please have a photo where I am
not making a weird face?

Eat that turkey leg Jman!

Alix digging in

My little monkeys

The kiddos were proud of having helped set

the table

Jaden is ready to dig in!


this was just after the fire, not sure what I am doing

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Diane said...

Oh my! Quite the exciting day, huh?! I'm so glad your dinner turned out well and so sad you got sick! Bless your heart. All that work and not even able to really enjoy it. I'm glad you're feeling better. The pics are great! Thanks for posting them. It is so good to see you all. I'm so lookiing forward to Christmas and seeing all of you! Oh, I almost forgot to say that that was some dinner you all prepared too! Looked and sounded delicious!!!!