Monday, November 3, 2008

Exploring Me

I love when I get to go shopping all by myself. Today, I got my rear in gear and got my grocery shopping done first thing this morning. This means I didn't have to spend an hour of my shopping time grabbing arms saying, "stop that", "behave yourself", "what are you thinking?", "use your inside voice", etc. I was even able to stop into Hobby Lobby, which has become a favorite store of mine, despite the fact that I really do not know the first thing about how to use 90% of the items in that store. However, this store holds some enchanted power over me. I peruse the aisles imagining I am as crafty as (insert crafty person's name here) and I can certainly paint a beautiful portrait on that blank canvas, or I could definitely use these pieces to decorate my space and make it look fabulous. However, at some point I have to wake up and have some realizations. Number one: I do not know the first thing about painting, though I would really LOVE to try it. Number two: I am very limited in funds right now, and ALWAYS! But, I really want to try painting on those blank canvases. I just need the space, the money, and the will to clean up the mess. My friend Rae always tells me that painting, for her, is very therapeutic and I should definitely try it. I have seen her paintings and I know why they are therapeutic for her, she is MAJORLY talented! But perhaps I am as well and I simply do not know it for I have never chanced it. So one day, when I have a penny to my name, someone encourage me to try it. Remember this post as I will surely find a way to talk myself out of trying it, not sure why, I suppose fear of it turning out badly, then thinking of the money I have wasted. For now, I will secretly be an artist in my heart and mind.

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