Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Historic Moment, Indeed

Wow! I can barely describe how I feel at this moment in time. My emotions from the past months, and especially yesterday, have exhausted me. Yesterday, Election Day, brought a deep pang inside me that I cannot put words to. The whole political system pretty much disgusts me, anyway. But the outcome of last night put me over the edge. I cannot believe that my America felt it best to put Barak Obama in office. Don't get me wrong, I think our great nation has made great strides in that a black man was elected as President. However, did it have to be a President who seems to wish for socialist policies and doctrines, who is a proponent of taking the lives of the innocent unborn, who supports the demise of marriage as God designed it, and who will likely stick it to military families by cutting the pay they receive, which is already miniscule? I believe the thing that bothers me most about the situation is that there are born again Christians who voted for this man. This man of Muslim descent. At what point did we as Christians decide that these moral issues were neither here nor there when exercising our right to vote in this 'land of the free'? Of course now, the damage is done. Now we have to exercise our freedom of boldly approaching the throne of grace. We must respect this leader of our great nation and we must hit our knees for him, for his decision-making, DAILY. I am so guilty of not being faithful in this area. In fact, the Lord is doing a work in me. I am realizing how unfaithful I am in a lot of areas. I was talking with a girl at work today and telling her that I feel I have become what I despise; someone who wears her spirituality on her sleeve and pulls it out when it is convenient. I am not saying that I have ever denied God. I am saying that I have not faithfully tended the mission field that God has placed me in. That is hard for me to just lay out there. But last night was an eye opener. I cannot afford to sit back: no one can. God is Sovereign. But we must do our part, not because God cannot function without us. But because God has commanded us to humble ourselves and pray. Because he has CHOSEN us to be warriors in His army. Now, let us fight as true prayer warriors fight, never give up. Blessings.

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