Friday, September 10, 2010

New Stuff

Ok, so I have been a complete slacker and haven't done this blog in a year, yes a year. WOWZA! I am sorry. It really isn't as if we don't have things going on, I just haven't been very good at posting. OOps! So that will make this next bit of info sound completely dumb, but, I have started a new blog. I heard about this site called blogvertise and the premise is you get paid to post on your blog about certain tasks they send you. So I am trying it out. But, I didn't want this blog that has personal info as the one lots of psychos were reading. The new one is personal, but doesn't give details about my kids and certainly no photos of the kiddos on there. Anyway, if you are interested it is If you go there and read it, you will understand the name. So sign up as a follower and I will let you know if this getting paid to post thing works.

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