Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Long Time

It has been quite some time since I posted here. Here is a bit of an update on what has been going on here. The day following my last post my dear Uncle went home to be with Jesus. What a bitter sweet time this was. I miss him and God knows my Aunt misses him. But, we know he has received the ultimate healing and is walking with Jesus down the streets of gold in Heaven. We traveled to TN for the funeral and by the grace of God, we made it safely. We traveled through Southern Missouri when all the ice was there and I promise, ice covered every surface, except the lanes we were driving on, even the shoulder. It was miraculous! Praise the Lord! After the weekend, we came back to Iowa and resumed life as normal. I have been trying to work out still and even lost a pound despite my lack of discipline while in TN. I did still get two workouts in while I was there, though. I am still loving my ladies' Bible Study and learning a lot. We have had a bit of warmer weather here, it got nearly to 50 above and we are actually starting to see the ground! Jaden is still playing hockey and we are still trying to find the perfect fit for Alix. I would really like to find a new, loving home for my dear Dafne (our beagle) and Izzy (our kitty). It seems I am the only one who has time to feed and water them or let Daf out or clean out Izzy's litterbox. I, quite frankly, am tired of it! Love those animals, but they have gots to go. Brian leaves Monday for his month long school. This sucks, but I am so excited that Aunt Di gets to come and stay with us for a couple of weeks while he is gone. Yay! Hopefully we can have some warm weather during that time. Now, hmm...what am I missing? Valentine's day is coming and though I have plans in my head for something special for Brian and I, don't think it can happen, no sitter. Oh well, there will be more, right? So that is us! Hopefully I didn't miss anything.


Raggedy Girl said...

I am so sorry about your Uncle.
Roberta Anne

Rose said...

Hi friend! Sorry to hear about your uncle. :( We still really should get together - that would be fun! :)

The Eppers said...

Thanks for the sympathies, ladies. Rose, I agree, we should! So good to hear from you.

Diane said...

Hello! Sorry I'm not gonna be there in time to sit with the kiddos for your Valentine's plan. You could FedEx 'em to me, I suppose!!! I am so lookin forward to the 21st!

BTW, I posted to your previous post, but don't think you saw it.

I have nominated your blog for an award! Drop by and get the rules! I love you and I love your blog cause you know I'm a nosy old aunt who wants to know EVERYTHING goin on in your life!!!

Love you!

Aunt Di

Diane said...

You have been tagged for the 6th Picture Challenge. Go by my blog and check out the rules!

Aunt Di